How to turn down a love proposal without making a fuss

Turning down a love proposal or date has over time proven to be a difficult task; especially when the two parties involved were/are friends. There really isn’t a ‘perfect’ way to reject someone because feelings will still be hurt.  Sadly, that’s just how it is. So the question is; Is there a perfect way to turn down a love proposal from a guy or lady?

I wouldn’t really say a YES or NO to that. However, how well you handle it could determine a lot. No matter how you turn down a love proposal, truth is the other person will be okay and will get over it eventually but it would help to at least do it in a good way so the process is ‘fast and easy’.

Here are a few ways to go about it;

1. Be subtle

This one goes out to the ladies. Just because a guy you are not particularly drawn to, asks to be in a relationship with you, doesn’t give you a licence to go all “Margret Thatcher” on them. Come on, that just isn’t fair. Even the Holy book says to let your speech be seasoned with salt, aii?? Good…

2. Think about why you’re really turning them down

This is very important. You could be turning them down for the wrong reasons so it is only fair that you take out time to be sure before you say anything.

3. Be honest

You may wonder, what if my honest opinion isn’t exactly a nice one? Well, you’re just gonna have to find a way – a really nice way to say it.  It’d hurt that person if you lied about why you’re turning them down.
For example, a guy “asks you out” but you’ve got eyes for someone else so instead of telling the truth you ‘lie’ and say you are just not ready for a relationship. Then suddenly out of the blues, you say yes to someone else. This…this right here would hurt.. a lot. So just be honest.

4. Thank the person for all of the good times.

I strongly believe that before anyone comes out to profess their love, they must have shown it in some ways.. dates, presents, etc. So, its only nice to appreciate them for all of that. It’s the least you could do after grinding their heart and giving them to drink.. lol. Seriously though, it’s the least you could do.

5. Avoidance

Now this…this is a last resort. Some people don’t handle rejection well, for some others saying you’re in a relationship with someone else might mean that you would have chosen them. In this case, you might have to avoid them. At least for a while.

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