Help, my ex won’t leave and won’t stay

I was madly in love with this man of my dream – he was well-educated, witty and handsome. But, out of the blues, he told me he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and that we should revert to just being friends.

Reluctantly, I agreed with him. That was some nine months ago. Since then, he’s been flirting with me as if nothing had happened.

He visits me every day and buys me presents. We haven’t made love since the break-up and I’d take him back any day. Only, I’m afraid to say anything for fear of scaring him off. Do you think I should confess my feelings?

Rachael, by e-mail


Dear Rachael,

It looks as if your ex-now-turned friend is keeping up efforts to win you back and you should tell him how you feel in order to keep your fears at bay.

Ask him if he wants to give the relationship another try and if he does, got for it. If he says no or says yes, then backs off again a few weeks later, run for your life, because if things don’t work out the second time round, they never will. He might even be one of these men who just like keeping their exes keen. If so, steer clear of him and look for a man who could give you a stable relationship.

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