Some few months back, at one of these private A-list parties, Dora was having the time of her life. So were a few of us that shared a table.

We were all social friends and the banter was smutty but harmless, until  Greg walked in. An obvious hunk, he was way beyond our reach because of his young age – barely 35. He obviously knew Dora as he stopped for a chat, his after-shave almost fouling the air. You know these seemingly cock-sure men, just before making an entrance at any function, they top up on their aftershave, ignoring the less-is-more doctrine.



As he exchanged banter with Dora, his eyes were firmly fixed on her cleavage. In fairness to the poor bloke, the top Dora had on left very little to the imagination. They exchanged phone numbers. What for; I thought fleetingly? Later Dora let it slip that Greg was the older sibling of her daughter’s boyfriend. Safe enough, I thought.


But how safe sort of burst into the open some four months later. Greg had apparently found his way into Dora’s pants. None of their escapades would have been noticed if Tade, Dora’s husband, hadn’t chucked her out.

“It’s Gloria’s fault”, she fumed as I let her in when she begged to be put up for the night. “And she’s going to pay, mark my word,” then she burst into heart wrenching tears. What happened?

“Tade found out about Greg and I from Gloria,” she spat.

It took a few seconds for me to figure out who Greg was. “You slept with Greg?”

I asked, appalled.

“I couldn’t resist him”, she confessed. “He pursued me endlessly, said flattering things to me. You know Fade’s l ibido had been down for a while and it was quite flattering when Greg sent me steamy texts of all the things he would love to do to me if he had half a chance. I texted him back.

What started as harmless bantering took a wild turn the day I agreed to see him at his flat. I’d hardly touched my drink when he pounced. He was also muscular – a far cry from Tade’s sinewy, middle-aged body. I wanted him – all that young, hard rippled se,xiness. And he was well worth the risk of my marriage as we made wild passionate love.


“It continued for a while until Greg’s steady read my texts from his phone. She’s very friendly with Gloria and couldn’t believe I could send such scotching texts to a young man, let alone her boyfriend. She showed the text to Gloria. I’d been quite impatient with Greg as I hadn’t heard from him for days, I’d believed we would be lovers for as long as I wanted it. I know I hadn’t imagined the l ust on his face as he’d made love to me.

“The last time we met, he promised to get in touch, but he hadn’t. Suddenly I knew I had to find out why. I waited for some minutes after I was sure the house was quiet then sent him a text. ‘We need to meet soon’ I texted. His reply was almost instant.


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