Activate your ATM card

Getting the card is not enough, babe you have to activate that card. Activating ATM card is so easy, you just have to change your pin right?? Exactly! So let me tell you how. Your former pin is that conventional “Baby, please…” formal way of making money request. It has to be change! Your new pin will be his “mumu button”, get to know his mumu button and use appropriately. For security purpose, remember to guard your pin, avoid sharing it with other people, and also make sure you change it when the need arises.

Know your withdrawal limit

Now that you know how to make withdrawals, I must remind you that there is always a withdrawal limit for every bank. Don’t go overboard with your requests. Know when to stop and when to keep going. Also know that you may not be able to withdraw more than you have deposited, except he is doing a Promo, his service is compromised, or someone has hacked into him (God help you the hacker is from Edo or Ijebu, you are finished!).

Always check and understand the service status

You should understand your man’s mood before making requests. You need to check if he is in a good service mood, if he is, can he dispense at that time? If something is wrong at that time, relax till when he is up and running so he won’t swallow your card.

Treat his staff right

The fact that you are banking with him, means you are banking with people around him. Don’t look down on his friends, don’t insult his family, don’t shrug your shoulders on his colleagues. Don’t get involved in criminal activities using these people as allies. If you don’t like any service offered to you by any of his staff, gently and politely make your complaints.

Adhere to rules

Adhere to banking and withdrawal rules, to avoid dismissal from the network. But if you act too smart and you are unable to keep the service going, please be kind to send us your breakup story. 

Disclaimer: The writer of this article will not be responsible for any negative result from the above methods, but will take credits for the positive results after your man has become a sure ATM (if you didn’t use charm).

Credit : GlowVille

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  1. kabie

    August 14, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Lol very funny but true…A loyal lady will always get from her man…but a stingy man will always be a stingy man

  2. Aanuoluwapo Odusola

    October 15, 2016 at 1:05 am

    Lol, this killed me, thank you for this *enters lab* I’m Ijebu tho.

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