Open letter to women that won’t be cooking for their husbands

By this article, I want to provoke people and (might) lose some female followers. Una don too plenty. Screening has commenced technically. I’d be using (arguably) the most controversial topic – cooking!

This post about cooking will be very long. Don’t start if you don’t have patience

Of course you love my posts, so you’d read along. Yeah, it’s getting into my head. So here it goes…


If you aren’t social media naive, you’d realize that there’s a silent campaign against men having expectations of the various sumptuous meals their wives would make for them if/when they eventually ‘settle’. Sadly many even term it slavery.


We all have our perspectives. Let me just share mine. Don’t insult me in the comments section. You can however share your perspective. My profile automatically blocks insulting people. I have zero tolerance for insults.

I am always angry when a telemundo lady opens her mouth to state categorically that cooking for a man is slavery. To me, she just called my mom a slave. I grew up in a setting where food was ready 7am and 7pm, non-negotiable. Infact, if my dad returns 8pm and we haven’t eaten, we’d have to lie that we’ve eaten and endure till he retires to bed after NTA news to protect mommy from the (verbal) war that could ensue. The man just wanted his children to eat.

Most of the time it was even our fault we hadn’t had supper. We probably just finished playing 8 minutes before his arrival. Mom probably had been shouting the whole time for our father not to meet us having not eaten. Àwa omo aláìgboràn. Mothers dey try abeg!

My mom is not a housewife. She’s the matron in charge of one of the frontline maternal and child health centres of my home state. That’s a busy career. Yet, no senrenren yanga. It goes without saying that she has kept her husband.


Now let’s come to present age.

You will almost want to enter the ground if, in the midst of female 25 year-olds you just randomly say:

‘I can’t marry a girl who cannot cook for me’


Let me say that again. Run!


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  1. Ruby

    August 14, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    Lmao! One hell of a funny post. Truth spoken with a little fire.

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