Open letter to women that won’t be cooking for their husbands

They will finish you ehn… you’d never explore your speech freedom again.


I’ve tried to watch closely, or, like Prof Pius Adesanmi would say, shobolate.

Several old ladies (above 35) who vehemently insist that cooking is slavery are actually divorcees or single moms; or as Nigerians would just succinctly put, those who couldn’t keep their husbands! The 25yr-olds jump into their comment sections and sing their praises from Mondays to Saturdays; then start disturbing Jesus in church on Sundays for husbands.


There’s no single lady who doesn’t have at least a dozen guys ‘disturbing her life’. Heck, even some married ones aren’t spared. Some post-menopausal women are even threatened with pregnancies nowadays. Yet they travel into their late thirties very very single. Truth is, most guys (and just anyone) like ‘fresh stuff’. Dem nor use am do bad. Won ò fi shey ìkà.

You can’t tell me you have 10 guys disturbing you and you like none of them. There shouldn’t be a difference between what you desire and what you attract. If you attract what you don’t desire you are the problem. All men are not dogs. If only the dogs among men get attracted to you, maybe you’re just ….errrm…. *screen that*.

You can say no to 10 men, no wahala. Yanga is allowed. However, if out of 10 guys disturbing your life, not even a single one desires to marry you, hehehehe. Your own is more than utmost care. Your matter pass be-careful.

The so-called Yoruba demons are getting married every week!

Those ladies don’t have two heads (or three b reasts). There’s an easy way to a man’s heart. When you have the heart, you can do as you please; but have it first.

I have to state that the craziest ones are those who do everything to keep their husbands, but, for the sake of gist, would never verbally subscribe to ‘a woman should cook’ mentality when in the midst of their friends. What’s their own? After the gist, it’s not them who would lay alone on a queen-size bed. I gbadun this kinda women – they keep both their friends (or gist-buddies) and their husbands. How else will they be able to advise their daughters?

A woman can actually be very busy. Career woman. Lol. Maybe our moms had no careers. Yeah, house-cleaning and laundry could be delegated to a housemaid. No wahala. That’s sensible. Let’s protect our wives’ manicures shall we?

Why would I be happy with a 19yr old girl drafted from a village I’ve never been to, that I didn’t marry or date, being placed in charge of meals that enter my tummy, just because she’s your maid? How? Who did I offend? A girl you employed after a 10minute interview?!

My dad always comes home. He never buys food from ‘mama-put’; the potential ‘mama-snatch’. I also want to always come home. I don’t want to fight temptation if I can avoid it. We men have sense sometimes, well, maybe some of us.

“Is it only food you come home for?”


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  1. Ruby

    August 14, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    Lmao! One hell of a funny post. Truth spoken with a little fire.

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