Meet Nigerian Pastor who Prays Money into Bank Accounts all over the world

A Nigerian preacher has made headlines following claims that he has the ability to pray ‘miracle money’ into people’s bank accounts.

Prophet Ejimadu claims to have the ability to pray money into different account numbers

We gathered that a Nigerian pastor based in Zambia has been claiming to have the power to pray money into people’s accounts.

The preacher known as Prophet Andre Ejimadu aka Seer 1, is known for sharing posts claiming distance does not stop him from praying money into account numbers all across the world.

Prophet Ejimadu says distance is not a barrier to his ‘miracle money’ prayers

The general overseer of the Christ Freedom Ministries, made headline news recently when he asked members of his church to lick his shoes if they wanted miracles.

Seer1 shared a post where someone claimed to have received the ‘miracle money’ see below:

Sharing more posts, he wrote:

ATTENTION!!! DOES MIRACLE MONEY really happen? Have you experienced it before? Where does SEER 1 produce this money from? Can people receive this money from all over the world?

These and more are the questions I come across everyday. Like I Prophesied, people are finding strange money in their accounts right now. Our inbox is filled with testimonies.

Have you received yours? Immediately you type: I receive and share this post yours will hit your account. Try it. Distance is not a barrier.


7 days to go. Money will rain in LIVINGSTONE #NamatamaGROUNDS

See another post below:

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